Tuesday, August 26, 2014

a day off

Friday was such a lovely day. I spent the bulk of it getting to know my friend Shalom whom you may recall. Despite my tendency to be chronically tardy, we were able to met again and seek refuge from the smoldering heat of Atlanta that day in the alley of two white buildings where I felt like it'd be perfect to shoot his segment for "Love Notes". I usually just use strangers, but technicalities prevailed and I dig this man's thoughts. He quickly became my favorite subject throughout our conversation on film. From there, we went on a dead-end search for another memory card, but he distracted me with the promise of art instead so we went to his neck of the woods to Castleberry Hill and I dined at Spin, a place he recommended but couldn't give me the courtesy of dining with me unfortunately due to his fast. Ah well, my slice was damn good so it's definitely a spot I'd like to hit again.

The next stop was The Nelson Street Gallery, a quaint Goat Farm-owned establishment that highlights street art and currently has an exhibit entitled "Savor the Flavor", which showcases over 20 years of the Flavor Savors Crew Aerosol Antics and as a special highlight of an homage to the art and life of Bernie "Oiler" Perez. I overheard Shalom speaking to the shop owner about different art, he's a lot better at that than I am, whereas I'm content to play in my own little world behind the lens, he douses himself in those around him. I admire him for that. It was so cool of the shop owner to open up the gallery for just the two of us and to become immersed in the pieces before us. What these people can do with a spray can blows my mind.

Afterwards, we walked nearby to a couple of murals, one of which was a part of the Living Walls collective back in 2010. They are absolutely beautiful. To Shalom I say, thanks for showing parts of you to me on that day. It was a great way to begin and a great way to spend my day off. I liked the reminder of enjoying simple things and that beauty is everywhere, especially in the not so obvious places.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Play: "Julia" x SZA

Undeniably, "Julia" is one of my favorite songs of the moment. I can have that song on repeat for hours. From the infectious 80's beat to its dreamy lyrics that paint images of raincoats given during hard times in life and drama of one's past given the phrase "dirty drawers". She has a way with words and I applaud her transparency as a musician. This song in particular is said to be about the somewhat strained relationship with her father. I'm in love with her voice, her style, her hair, those freckles - if I closed my eyes, I could remember where each one was. "Z" was and is a great album and I'm happy to have a gem like "Julia" to hold close to me always. Lol, people who know me see me dance like I'm wild and carefree to this far more than they've probably bargained for.

Dying of daydreams in your bedroom,
Waiting so long, said you'd be here soon

“I have always felt like an awkward adolescent. I never got out of that phase. I definitely think my music is heavily based on frustrations… with myself, and just trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with everyone in the world, and what’s wrong with me. Why can’t I figure it out? And why can’t everyone figure things out and stop being so weird? It’s like, self-loathing mixed with global frustrations.”

Click here to check out one of my favorite performances by her, "Warm Winds" over a tight beat. And this too, because she's singing "Babylon" acapella and because I love this series in general. I love the flaws in her voice, it makes her sound that much more beautiful. What's your current repeat song?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

To my future...

I think of you a lot. Thoughts that run full circle when I'm led to wonder if you think of me too. Is it strange that I require long late night bubble baths where white foam caresses our necks and our chins, much like the kisses we'd share in between child-like splashes because it is our playtime much like most times. Laughter is important to me, lover. I'd like to hide and seek in the smallest crevices of our too-small-for-us apartment, hold hands as we circle a tree, I grab you for balance whenever I feel like I'm about to fall, play board games far too aggressively because I'm competitive despite my ability to suck at most competitive-oriented games.

How good could our love be if laughter were absent?