Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eat Good | Osteria del Figo + Jeni's Ice Cream

Do you remember how I mentioned I'd be giving more details about my weekend throughout the week on Monday? Well, my Atlanta blogger meetup/dinner with Vett and Chymere is one of the highlights of that weekend. On Friday evening, we had plans to have dinner at JCT Kitchen but due to time constraints had to cancel the reservations and dine at Osteria del Figo instead which ended up being the better choice since there was awesome ice cream across the plaza. For months, we have been lamenting to each other about how much the three of us should get together, meet up, and connect outside of the virtual realm. It turned out to be awesome.

I had been to a Figo establishment once before, but it was much smaller than the one we went to. Vett acted as our guide, knowing a lot of the menu from her own experiences of frequenting the restaurant. If I remember correctly, Vett ordered an onion ravioli, Chymere ordered a four cheese penne, and I had the lasagna de Figo. We sat down and started conversation almost immediately where we spoke about life highlights and managed to have a great time getting to know each other. Vett is just as bright and beautiful of a presence as I thought she'd be.

Afterwards, we headed across the way to Jeni's Ice Cream, which was the perfect ending to our meal. Admittedly, I ate way more ice cream than I did lasagna because I was stuffed from my burger hours before. Their dark chocolate ice cream was and is enough reason for me to want to come back.

Friday ended up being a whirlwind of a night. I changed clothes and after a quick interlude at Vintage Frozen Custard, Chymere and I joined her friend for a visit to the bar and lounge "Do" which had a chic urban feel to it with its all white everything and multiple screens lining the place to show music videos like Usher's "Good Kisser" and John Legend's "All of Me". The drinks were a little strong for my liking but the appetizers were amazing. And I liked the touch of using an iPad as a menu. Very dope.

Later that night we went to Flip Flops and danced the remainder of the night away well into the morning. I had the time of my life in that club. I think I'm just realizing within the past couple of weeks just how much I love dancing even if I'm not the best at it. Shake what your mama gave ya ;)

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Vortex + Moods Music

Friday was the perfect way to begin my weekend. I met up early in the afternoon with my friend Mikhail who I haven't seen since our visit to Yeah! Burger some months ago. It only made sense that when we met up, we went in search of burgers to satiate our hunger pains. The Vortex did the trick. I kept things really simple with my order of a bacon cheeseburger and fries. It definitely hit the spot.

Afterwards, we visited a lot of clothing stores in Lil' 5, looking for a top to spend money on and as a break in between, visited a music store called Moods Music. Although I frequent the area, I typically raid Criminal Records for all my music needs and have previously overlooked the place so I was glad Mikhail suggested the place after saying his mom's music was sold there briefly some time ago. They offered a great array of soul, neosoul, hip hop, and R&B music, as well as old school urban shows and movies. It was a great vibe overall. I saw a black and white portrait of the singer D'Angelo resting his head against the neck of his guitar, fell in love instantly, and had to add it to my purchases.

The above pictured is another purchase I made at Moods Music. It was between Yuna and Lianne for a while, but I ended up leaving with this beauty instead. Her voice and music are so swoon-worthy...

More on my weekend will be posted throughout the week!

How was your weekend? Share below!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Play: "Summertime" x Lolawolf

It makes sense that this little diddy comes from somewhere in the Zoe Kravitz eclectic forward-thinking mind. I'm certain that Joey and Jimmy helped as well. "Summertime"'s genre-evading sound came into my life just in time, at the peak of these hot weather months and is reminiscent of fun times that summer typically sets fire to. It's such a shame it's not more popular because with this and this I think they are definitely on to something.

“I just hope it makes people feel something. That’s all we wanted to do. We’re not trying to make money off of it, we’re not trying to be famous—we just wanted to make music. It feels really good to put something out into the world that’s nothing but love.”
- Zoe Kravitz

What song epitomizes summer to you?
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