Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Love the Self :: A Guide to Self Love

Be it looks, hair, clothing, success, attention, romantic envy - comparison is typically the sister to jealousy. It breeds it, it fuels it, and jealousy is in no way a positive emotion. Instead of comparing, practice shaping positive thoughts about you and the other person as opposed to you versus the other person. Their light doesn't dull yours, you both have the ability to shine bright.

A lot of people fall into the habit of keeping every thought to themselves as a result of finding it inappropriate, out of fear, or just feeling as though they'd be misunderstood. I think it's important to not think about the external as much as what's internal. What should matter most to you is how you feel about you. And holding things back, keeping truths in, is a way of clouding the spirit, the mind, and adds tension to yourself because you are suppressing the truth that is already inside of you, but telling yourself that the truth is not viable or permitted in the real world environment. If something is on your mind, speak up. Your body will thank you for it.

I feel completely renewed after a good cry. Hell, even after a bad cry. There is just something about letting emotion overcome you and pour out of you until there's nothing left. I think tears is the healthiest form of emotion that leads to that. However, sometimes tears are not accessible to act as a cleansing method for the soul. I suggest that in order to get that sense of renewal, clarity, and cleansing to either look toward prayer or mediation. There is power in knowledge of there being bigger entities in this world other than yourself. And that knowledge relieves a lot of weight. I recommend doing some form of healthy self-healing 1-2 times a day, or as needed.

Practicing positive reinforcement through kind words to yourself. For example, every morning as you're washing your face or doing your morning routine, stare at your reflection and say one thing you love about yourself or keep it simple and say "You're beautiful" That positivity adds radiance and light to your external by cultivating beauty in the internal.

Whether it is quiet time in your bed reading or going to a movie, maybe treating yourself to a nice lunch or dinner. Being alone with the self is important in terms of love, as with people, you love more as you grow, as you experience, and spend time with yourself.

How you treat yourself in even the smallest of ways is so vital to self love. In a later post, I will detail ways that I implement those self-love triggers throughout my day to day life.

What do you do for self-love? Share below. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ru San's

Do you guys know by now how much I love hangout times with Dain? Because I do, I do, I do-ooo. I've kind of always inherently formed closer bonds with males more easily than females, although over recent years, I've made much more of an effort to create those relationships with women as well. Dain was an awesome friend for stepping in last minute to fill the shoes of impromptu director when I had to go filming Saturday for a shadowing session for the school's paper I was featured in (which turned out awesome by the way!). We spent a couple of hours working on "Love Notes", then went in search for food at the above restaurant where we enjoyed yummy sushi, chicken fried rice, and sake for the low low (my favorite way to dine). After that, we traded in our plans to go to The Goat Farm and instead settled on heading to the theaters and paying an insane amount of money to see Captain America in 3D, it was so worth it though.

Excellent friend, excellent food, excellent day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Because the Internet...

Last week, I got an awesome gift when I saw Childish Gambino live at The Masquerade in Atlanta. The clouds parted during a lackluster week and it was rainbows and sunshine when he came out to play. I was able to see on of my favorite artists performing one of my favorite albums with one of my favorite people, all while crossing something off of my 30x30 list - well, an extension of something. We were at least 2 1/2 hours late to the show (doors opened at 6), but it ended up being right on time because the DJ was stalling by playing a medley of Michael Jackson interlaced with a slew of ratchet rap songs, where the crowd of concertgoers chanted "[expletive]dat b****". I didn't know the song at first, but I quickly caught on and joined in with the crowd.

The air was thick with cigarette smoke and the rancid smell of weed and grew more abundant as the night went on. Childish Gambino came out and played "Crawl" as his opener before leading into the undeniably popular "Worldstar". I danced and screamed the lyrics the entire time, high on music and life and love. It was a beautiful night, despite our bodies being crammed tightly against each other at the outdoor event, the night air provided some relief though. I loved not having my phone out and just being present to enjoy the experience. Gambino surprised us too. After an extensive encore, we continued to chant for him and it actually worked! He and his brother returned to the stage to give another encore performance because he repped that ATL life. Great night, lovely night...

...One of the best I've had in a while.